Arsenal general: Some fools start to spray us after watching 1 games.

Beijing time August 23, according to the Mirror News, Mchitalian in the interview is not satisfied with the outside world at the beginning of the season to criticize the team’s practice, and said that need to give new handsome Emery and team time. In the new season, Arsenal lost 0-2 in a row against Manchester City and 2-3 against Chelsea, the start of two consecutive defeats.

From home to Manchester City, the external criticism of Emery has begun. “There are always some stupid people who criticize the team after the first round of the league,” Mchitalian said in an interview. You can see what we can achieve in a year or the end of the season, and you can’t criticize the team or the players after just one round, which is not the main thing.

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” “You have to give the coach time because he has just come to the team and needs to instill new ideas that the Roman Empire was not built in one months or a year,” he said.

” “We need time, and we are confident that the team will progress and get good results, everyone is very optimistic and positive, and always look forward, we are full of desire for victory.”

” “We need to take a step and get the first win, and we now trust Emery and respect him very much,” he said. I’m sure we need a victory now, and after that we will have great confidence.

” This Saturday 22:00, Arsenal will be at home against the two defeated West Ham union.

Shootout on Sunday: Croatia scored Russia’s lead and won penalties The


Croatia’s Danijel Subasic retained a penalty for the Danish team during the World Cup on Sunday. Credit Damir Sagolj / Reuters
This was a full-time penalty shootout in the World Cup. Croatia overtook Denmark in a shootout and reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup a few hours after Russia made the same effort to defeat Spain. Taken together, these two games provide significant savings in one-on-one, high-line confrontation.
The start of the Croatian-Denmark match in Nizhny Novgorod began with an eruption that scored in the first four minutes. However, most of the recent 116 games or so have defensive play, there are many missed shots.

After Jonas Knudsen made a great pitch, Denmark sent the ball into the penalty area in the first minute and the Croatian team got into chaos there. Thomas Delaney got a touch and pushed Mattias Jorgenson, who took a shot; it popped from several Croatian players including the goalkeeper and then went in.

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The answer after three minutes in Croatia is also very strange. Denmark’s Henrik Dalsgaard tried to clear the ball, but he hit the ball to his teammate Andreas Christensen. It retaliated against Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic, who accepted the gift and opened it from a few yards. This is 1-1.

But when the game was over, the furious scoring rate did not continue. Both parties, especially Denmark, have focused on defense, and any materialization opportunities have been wasted and sometimes even worse. Finally, the second World Cup knockout extra time on Sunday.

With 4 minutes left in the increased time, Croatia has a great opportunity to win the game. Luka Modric from Croatia passed from the middle to a streaking Anterribik. He defeated Danish goalkeeper Caspar Schmeichel and rushed to the goal unimpeded. The Danish defensive player Jorgensen rushed from behind and had no choice but to beat Ruibiqi. This was a light punishment for the referee.

But Modric’s penalty score was not strong. Schmeichel came up with a huge exemption and kept the ball to prevent a rebound.

So the two teams entered the second penalty shootout of the day and this became a solid goalkeeper guess. Two of the front four shots of each winger were blocked, which actually gave Schmeichel three penalty saves and calculated his previous Modric.

Then there was a fifth round of gunfights. Christian goalkeeper Danijel Subasic saved Nicolai Jorgensen for the Danish team, his third save in the shootout. This is again coming to Denmark by Schmeichel and keeping the gun battle going on. But Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic passed the ball to him and the Croatian team entered the next round.

The Croatian team must be excited about the match with the Russian team in the quarter-finals next Saturday. However, as far as the evidence of this match is concerned, Russia may also be excited about the game. In any case, both teams can thank their goalkeeper for their wonderful performance in the game. They keep both Russia and Croatia alive.

From harassment football players to human rights activists

Netanyahu’s government became a sad circus.

Even me – only enough football knowledge – was excited about Messi coming to Israel this month, which is part of the friendly.

We all know the result. The selection of Miri Regev, the Minister of Culture and Sports, was originally a benign private initiative. Reggai insisted that this game be held in Jerusalem, which is the core of the Israeli-Arab conflict, politicized the event and abolished the original plan to play in Haifa. The rumors of the notes sent to Regev’s affiliates began to circulate. Then, Regev promised the country to take a selfie with Messi – allegedly to show his unconditional support for Israel, apparently for more media coverage.

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Then the game was cancelled. When Reggae held a ridiculous dramatic press conference, the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the football team were accused of being a terrorist organization, a global conspiracy of the BDS and the left wing – it was too late, too little (or too much). A disappointing fan of countries feel embarrassed by the trivial acts of its Minister of Culture.

There is a line linking Messi’s decision to cancel his friendly match in Israel last week with the decision of Umar Shakir, a U.S. citizen, and the upcoming court hearing of the Director of Human Rights Watch in Israel and Palestine.

On May 7, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior revoked Shark’s work permit and told him that he had left the country for 14 days. Two weeks from now, the court will discuss his appeal.

The department’s decision was based on a simple, improvised tweet and petition signed several years ago, when Omer was a student at Stanford University. The department itself admits that these “evidences” do not indicate that Human Rights Watch or its representatives are pushing for a boycott of Israel.

Contrary to what people get from our politicians, Human Rights Watch operates globally and Israel is far from its main focus. The organization’s latest communications criticized the Congolese government for dealing with the Ebola outbreak, North Korea’s abuses, US immigration policy, and Greece’s refugee detention policy. Last year, Human Rights Watch deprived the remains of three Israeli citizens of Hamas and two Israeli soldiers.

The organization participates in the government of its country in a self-determined manner based on detailed research and dialogue. It has been operating Israel and Palestine for the past 30 years. Sometimes it provides valuable comments that help improve IDF participation rules and ensure accountability. Some of its criticisms may also be wrong, even downright outrageous. Nevertheless, as a powerful democracy, we can resist obituary. As a powerful country, we should welcome the criticism of the wrongdoing of our government and consider it an opportunity to adhere better through the values ​​we promote.

No government is excited about being criticized, but it is only the most vicious people who respond to this by expelling human rights activists. Human Rights Watch in only a few countries in the world cannot work: North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Venezuela and Iran. This is not the group we want Israel to belong to.

Because Israel is not an insidious country, if Shakir is eventually expelled, it will be because of the ridiculous behavior of our politicians – not because of any fundamentally evil policies of our country.

Because I personally know Omar Shaquille, a sensitive young person with a balanced world view, I fear that this is not any real threat to our security. On the contrary, Interior Minister Eridhi seems to be trying to walk into the beautiful Harlequin’s harlequin and earn points in public opinion against a famous activist.

If Shakir is expelled, he and Human Rights Watch will overcome it – but our own long-term interests will be hurt.

Just as most Israelis want to live in a country where sporting events are not used to carry out personal campaigns for small politicians, most Israelis want to live in a country where politicians do not arbitrarily silence opposition groups.

From harassment of football players to rights activists, Netanyahu’s government has become a sad circus. Independent of our political views, we should get a government that focuses on real issues: safety, education, healthcare, and soaring house prices. We certainly do not need a political class, not a political class.

Let everyone have enough games

Lilian Thuram became Parisian at the age of nine in 1981 and moved to the French capital from Guadeloupe. This was also the year when he was “blackened.” The former international football player said through translation, because then he realized that “black people are considered negative.”

As the World Cup approaches, organizers are preparing for racist events in the 12 Russian stadiums. According to a recent report, in the months leading up to the world’s most watched sporting events, racist and anti-homosexual carols appeared in the host country’s football match.

On Tuesday, FIFA or the international management agency of sports FIFA announced that during the UEFA Europa League game, fans in Guinea beat the injured Leipzig player and announced that they imposed sanctions on the Russian football club Zenit St. Petersburg. The club was fined and the team would participate in the next Europa game without fans. In May, FIFA fans fined the Russian Football Federation after arguing racist porn players to French midfielders in the World Cup warm-up match.

These are almost all exceptions. Despite efforts to eliminate abuse in the stands and on the court, this beautiful race has repeatedly been affected by racism. This topic is one of the topics discussed in last week’s three-day seminar entitled “Participation, Inclusion and Social Responsibility in Global Sports.” The conference was hosted by Harvard University’s Global History Climate Initiative.

For Thuram, the discussion is very personal.

“When I was a football player in Italy, when I touched the ball, some fans would make a monkey’s voice,” said the retired defender. When the reporter asked him “what should I do?”, he was surprised.

Thuram said he told them that “solving” other people’s problems is not his responsibility. This issue is rooted in a cruel history. He added that many times people think that racism is a confrontation between individuals rather than a systemic issue. “So, through conditions and customs, it becomes ingrained… This is an illusion of the world.”  La Liga

Thuram said that officials need to abandon races that are hit by racism. He has become an outspoken activist and football executives need to meet with racist people to truly understand the nature of their “violence”. In addition, FIFA, the UEFA European Football Association, and the National Football Federation must diversify their executive teams to balance the “over-representation of the dominant position of power.”

Patrick Gasser, head of the UEFA Corporate Football and Social Responsibility Department, pointed out that it has established partnerships with groups committed to fighting racism as part of the organization’s commitment to “action on the ground and making progress”. “Advertising during the game, official monitors, fines, and allowing the referee to suspend the game are some of the steps taken by UEFA to fight racism.

Black Leopard awarded the Football Award

Smith wins the plenary, honors the whole state, team MVP
Earlier this season, leopard guard Jace Smith split a pair of Riverton defenders in one game. Smith was recently named 3A West Conference and 3A Statewide team.
Earlier this season, leopard guard Jace Smith split a pair of Riverton defenders in one game. Smith was recently named 3A West Conference and 3A Statewide team.
After the slow start of the 2018 season, the Powell High School men’s football team showed a firm determination to improve every game and won the Jackson State Tour last month.

Although the experience of the Panthers in Jackson was not unforgettable, coach Jeff Dent said that the team has done a lot of things to be proud of itself this season. With only three players losing to graduates, next year’s team has laid the foundation for making some noise on the 3A Western Conference track.

“We do have a young team,” said Dent. “I expect (at the beginning of the season) to participate in the competition with our skill level. But I understand the difference in physical and mental maturity between first-year and senior-level students in high school. But for the other side of the coin, in order to make me The players are stepping up at the end of the season and doing what they need to do to win themselves, which is encouraging the future of the plan. ”

“All the ups and downs are worth it,” the coach said.

The Panthers recently hosted an awards ceremony to honor the new and returning winners and awarded team awards. Senior guard Jace Smith who was voted by teammates MVP also won a pair of postseason honorary titles. They were awarded 3A West All-Conference and All-State. These two teams are the only ones to be selected. The team’s players. Although primarily used as a defender, Smith proved to be a versatile option for Dent. He sometimes moved Smith forward to prevent the opponent from losing balance.

“Jess is a very competitive young man. He has always been very hard, 100%,” Dent said. “When other players don’t do this, he will feel a bit depressed. It’s a good thing because he pushed them. He knows where each player should be. This is what I need on the court, his ability.” And mature.”

Denton called him “a captain, absolutely a general on the court,” and he said that Smith’s talent and leadership will be ignored.

“Having this kind of leadership is a coach you are used to,” he said. “He (Smith) has always been a valuable asset. I will miss that young man.”

Smith went to the University of Wyoming in the fall. He said that this recognition is a great way to block his high school career.

“My work is very hard, especially when I was young, so it was considered very meaningful,” said Smith. “A lot of what I learned came from Coach [Travis] Rapp, my freshmen and sophomores. He really helped me become a player I became.”

As the only player with rich player experience this season, Smith said that this year is a learning experience. For him, he is a leader and it is the same for the entire team.

“They (the Panthers) will be fine, especially if they are older,” Smith said. “They will have a good team.”

Dent said that midfielder Ernie Acevedo was voted by teammates for the most inspiring players.

“Ernie [Assevido] is a busy young man who has a lot to do. His brain is always thinking; he is always moving,” said Dent. “He and I had a conversation at the beginning of the season and I told him that I needed him to be a motivator: ‘Encourage them, make them laugh and do what you have to do.’ When they voted for me, I didn’t He was surprised and he appeared on his own.He was not only a good football player, he also gathered these people together and played with them.

Considering that young strikers did not play football before this season, freshman Adrian Geller enjoyed the greatest improvement.

“He [Geller] has learned how to look at this area and make things happen there,” Dent said. “I flanked him in the midfield and it was a tough game. There was a lot of running. You had to pass and make them fast, and he did it.”

Dentet said that as the season progresses, Geller gains more confidence and the coach hopes to continue.

“When he becomes a senior player, he will be incredible, control the ball and hit the ball on both sides,” Dent said.

This year’s feature is the coach’s award. The players selected by the coaching staff have extraordinary performances outside and outside the court. Junior Steven Shopa is the winner of this year’s honor.

FRESNO FC first for all

FRESNO FC’s United Football League (USL) participated only a few months ago and they are seeking the stability of the 2018 US Open Cup to determine the correctness of their rowing.
For Fresno Football Club, this season is a new beginning and growing pain. After completing their 2018 professional debut several months ago, the clubs in central California currently maintain a respectable 11th place in the United Soccer League (USL). Next, they had a mouth-watering fixture on the new Open Cup Los Angeles football club. For the staff and players of Fresno Football Club, this game can provide a real opportunity for professional golfers to announce themselves to other U.S. club football.
According to Fresno’s head coach, Adam Smith, the frustrating draw and single-ball loss in the league is a sign that the club is still reversing the situation, which is predictable. His team has been consistently successful at the US Open. “This is not only our first year in the Open Cup, but this is the first year of the league. This is the first year of the Fresno Football Club. So everything is brand new. We have a lot of work to do, a lot Building.We are far from where we need it, but we are forming a suitable football club.The Open Cup is an important part of this.”

On Wednesday night, Smith’s team traveled to the California Bank Stadium for a few hours in the south and was invited by the Los Angeles Football Club in the fourth round. As a former professional and two-time USL champion, Smith saw the game as a priceless asset for his players and clubs. “I’m from England, and the FA Cup has a lot of history, and this is still a very famous game,” said Smith. “I see the Open Cup as exactly the same thing. This is a domestic cup that anyone can participate in. I am very fortunate to be able to participate in the competition and can now participate in the competition. This is exciting, this is a brand new franchise system. In this historic game, we will enjoy another historic franchise moment. We will enjoy this day. ”

The ball is round – especially in the cup
Smith coach will count on the unpredictability of the tournament and his players will clearly realize the possibility of unrest. But he is also very realistic, knowing that they are weak. “I have achieved a good balance and experience in my team. Some of my players have participated in UEFA Cup and Open Cup competitions, some of whom recently jumped from PDL (Full Amateur Super Development League) to this level. But this is cup football – anything can happen on the same day! “He asserted. “We shouldn’t have any fears. You may be hit by six or seven goals. It may end up causing extra time and penalties. Eventually you might sneak into a ball and put 10 players behind the ball for you. Their lives are defended and they leave as victories. They have a responsibility to win the game with the resources they have. ”

One of the seasoned Fresno FC players Smith needs to rely on is Milton Blanco. Blanco is a member of the famous Fresno Fugogo team. He lost to the Los Angeles Galaxy in the fourth round of 2003. The only amateur club left that stage, and Fuego even took the lead against the MLS championship team and then finally withdrew after an impressive match. Blanco said: “For those children who do not have the opportunity to participate in professional competitions, the Open Cup is a good opportunity.” “After I and Fuego appeared in the Open in 2003, people began to watch me. In the second year, I turned to pro.I had played with some teammates who turned into professional players because of the Open and still played at this level.

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According to Blanco, this tournament is suitable for all club use and inclusion. “The structure of the cup is great. If you want, you can get 15-20 friends and have a go. Anybody can set up a team. Some of them may not be in college, or they may not have joined the PDL team or anything Provide a team to play in the USL or MLS. ”

Cup cut two ways
The veteran midfielder also said that the attractiveness of the Cup brought the best players. Despite the gap in resources and talent, it was also one of the reasons why the fans saw so many failures. “Perhaps not everyone can train but they

As Argentina defeated Haiti 4-0 in Buenos Aires, Peru defeated Scotland 2-0 in Lima, two South American teams easily won on Tuesday to warm up for the World Cup in Russia next month.

As Argentina defeated Haiti 4-0 in Buenos Aires, Peru defeated Scotland 2-0 in Lima, two South American teams easily won on Tuesday to warm up for the World Cup in Russia next month.  Celta Vigo Eibar Espanyol
Soccer Football – International Friendly – Argentina vs Haiti – Buenos Aires, Argentina La Bombonera – May 29, 2018 Messi, Argentina REUTERS / Marcos Brindicci

After defeating the finalists in Brazil four years ago, the Argentine team struggled in the qualifiers and only won in the final match, but they were too strong for the Haitian side and they were below 103 in the FIFA rankings. One.

Messi played the star of the show with his usual role, playing for the hat-trick and fourth place Sergio Aguero. The latter came off the bench and combined with the Barcelona striker and the other half of the bench Christian Pawong. .

Messi opened the scoring point from the free throw point after 17 minutes, and then after the goalkeeper can only open the header, the Argentine team entered the second half with a 12-minute lead.
Argentina vs Haiti – La Bombonera, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Free kick from Messi, Argentina, May 29, 2018

He scored his three points after 65 minutes and set up the Aguero team two minutes later, ranking fourth in Argentina when he was dissatisfied with the home of the Boca Juniors.

At the same time, at the same time, the Peruvians exceeded their status in thought and lacked training skills. The Scots were rarely threatened in the national stadium in the 1978 World Cup rematch. South Americans won 3-1. .

Christian Cueva took a 1-0 lead from Peru after 36 minutes of free throws. After a few seconds, Jefferson Farfan took advantage of a defensive break to complete the scoring.

The victory was the third victory of the Peruvian team after defeating the European Union in a friendly match with Croatia and Iceland, and they were optimistic when they participated in the World Cup for the first time since 1982.

“The Peruvian team is ready to face any team in the world,” Peru coach Ricardo Gareca told reporters. “This team is ready to solve our problems.”

Peru is now unbeaten in 13 games but has been drawn to Russia’s most difficult pool and is in Group C with France, Denmark and Australia.
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At the same time, Argentina and Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria are in Group D.

In another game in Panama City, the hosts prepared for the first World Cup and scored 0-0 against the Northern Ireland team.

The Panama team with the England, Belgium and Tunis teams in Group G will play in the final friendly match with Norway in Oslo next week.

Before going to Russia, Argentina played against the Israeli team, while the Peruvian team played Swedish players in Gothenburg, Sweden.

But this pair of Poway High graduates will participate in Neymar Jr’s Five 2018 in Miami from June 8th to 9th to win the national championship in this unusual 5 to 5 football match.

Bridget Worrell has never heard of it.

Janely Moreno did not.   Lazio Fiorentina Napoli

But this pair of Poway High graduates will participate in Neymar Jr’s Five 2018 in Miami from June 8th to 9th to win the national championship in this unusual 5 to 5 football match.

The US national team created by Brazilian football star Neymar will hold a world championship in Praia Grande, Brazil, on July 21.

In 2017, more than 100,000 players from 53 countries participated in the competition.

Tournament officials expect players from 60 countries to compete for this year’s world championship.

Romania won the championship last year.

The rules are simple. Each team can have five to seven players, aged between 18-25. There are only five players on the court.

The game only lasts for 10 minutes. Each time the team scores, the other team loses the player. Continue until the team has no players to leave the stadium. No goalkeeper allowed.

“I’ve already played indoor. It’s 6 to 6, and I’ve played 4 to 4 before, but when I hear the rules of this game, it sounds cool,” said Wollrabe. “The first game we played was for a team with only four players, so it lasted less than five minutes. We didn’t even break the sweat.

“We only have five players. Playing 10 minutes doesn’t sound like it is hard, but when you’re missing one or two or three players, it will wear you off.”

In 2013, he graduated from Wortalab of Potain, played midfield midfielder for the Titans, joined Moreno, who graduated from Poway, but did not win the May 12 San Diego Qualifier until he stayed at Miramar College for two years. Enter Miami at the hockey stadium of the Olympic Training Center.

Danielle Meriwether from San Diego, Alyson Rohane from San Diego, and Kallie Holloway from Longby, Texas, joined Wollrabe and Moreno, who joined FC.

“I just thought it would be fun,” Moreno said. “I’ve been playing indoors since I was 5, so I’m used to playing with fewer players on shorter venues. In this format, the team that scored first has a huge advantage. If you score first Take a step ahead and push them high, then go to the goal. ”

Wollrabe, whose nickname was Jet, had been to Miami before. She spent her college time at Atlantic Palm Beach University, but she has returned to Powell’s hometown.

She is looking forward to playing in Miami and may be reconnecting with some of her former college teammates.

“I miss the humidity a bit,” Wollrabe said with a smile. “My body is eager for some humidity. I hope we can return to Brazil. I have a mission there for some time and we’ve gone alongside Amazon.”

However, Moreno has never been to Miami or Brazil.

Moreno said: “I’m very excited. This game has become this opportunity.” “Free travel and the opportunity to play football is a good combination. My goal in Miami is the only football outside of South Beach. After a while, then tan. ”

Moreno recalls that for the first time the integrated football club was forced to short the players.

“We were very confused in the 4 to 5 game,” she said. “10 minutes seems more like an hour.”

The former Titans are very happy that they have found this game.

JOHNSVILLE, Ill. – SIUE Women’s Football Coach Derek Burton announced the addition of two positions in the 2018 recruiting program at Tamio Cash (O’Fallon, Ill.) and Megan Keeven (St. Charles, Missouri).

JOHNSVILLE, Ill. – SIUE Women’s Football Coach Derek Burton announced the addition of two positions in the 2018 recruiting program at Tamio Cash (O’Fallon, Ill.) and Megan Keeven (St. Charles, Missouri).

Cash signed with the Mississippi State University for the 2017 season but came to SIUE as a true freshman after not attending the Bulldogs competition. She is an outstanding football and basketball player at O’Fallon Township High School and has played club football for St. Louis Scott Gallagher.  Brighton and Hove albion

Keeven will attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she will perform the Red Shirts. The 5-foot-7 defense player played her preparatory year at St. Charles West High School. After her team’s 17-3 season leading, she became the Missouri High School Football Coaches Association Level 2 All-around selection. Senior season. She had a score of 24 in nine goals and six assists in her fourth year at St. Charles West. Keeven participated in a club football match with Sporting JB Marine SC. It was the Missouri Fall State Cup final in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Both players will be qualified to play this fall.

“First of all, Tamia and Megan are ready to start participating in SIUE and work with our returning players and freshmen to work together to achieve our team goals,” said Burton. “The importance of this point can not be ignored, because they put it as a top priority in the analysis of the next step, so I am very pleased to bring Tamia and Megan into the project, they bring the elite level of athletic ability and full of The dynamic football ability that will have a positive impact on us in a variety of ways on the spot depends on where I think they can best help us.”

Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday that the United FC FC Cincinnati will join the United States Major League Soccer in 2019 and become the 26th team in the league.

Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday that the United FC FC Cincinnati will join the United States Major League Soccer in 2019 and become the 26th team in the league.  Atalanta Benevento Calcio

Welcome to MLS, @fccincinnati! #MLS2CINCY
– Major League Soccer (@MLS) May 29, 2018

The club regularly attracts nearly 30,000 fans to the Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati. Their home stadium has always been considered a strong contender for the league. Their transfer to the MLS will include a team’s soccer field, and they will enter the league before Nashville (2019) and Miami (perhaps 2020).

“The United States Major League Soccer is proud to have Cincinnati as our 26th team,” said U.S. professional commissioner Tang Jiabo in an announcement of the move. “The rise of Cincinnati’s passionate football market in recent years coincides with the city’s growing economy and reputation as a preferred destination for young professionals, making it an ideal city for our growing league. We congratulate Karl Lindner and Its partners, as well as Cincinnati football fans, warmly supported FC Cincinnati of USL. ”

It is not yet clear what meeting FC Cinci will attend, but it is expected to be announced in the coming months.

According to the official website of the league, in 2018 the club had more than 17,000 season ticket holders.